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Welcome to the Official Florida Judo, Inc. Web Site.



FJI is partnered with Florida Sports Foundation to run a combined Sunshine State Games (Judo part) and FJI State Championships.

FJI Bylaws as adopted on August 15, 2009 at the FJI Semi-Annual Meeting.

FJI Grant Application (in PDF Format)
Please printout then complete before sending it to the address in the application.

Congrats to Carly Patton (April 2007 and April 2008), Shea Favorite (October 2007), Nicole Padron (October 2008), and Brianna Padron (October 2008) for receiving FJI Grants.

Congrats to Nick Delpopolo (in 2013), Jonathan Fernandez (in 2013), Alejandro Menedez (in 2013), Ashlyn White (in 2013), Angelica Delgado (in 2014) and Hana Carmichael (in 2014) for receiving FJI Grants.

Minutes from the October 4, 2014 FJI Semi-Annual Meeting

Minutes from the June 13, 2009 FJI Semi-Annual Meeting

Minutes from the August 2, 2008 FJI Semi-Annual Meeting

Minutes from the March 1, 2008 FJI Semi-Annual Meeting

Minutes from August 11, 2007 FJI Semi-Annual Meeting

Minutes from the Feb. 17, 2007 FJI Semi-Annual Meeting

Minutes from the Aug. 12, 2006 FJI Semi-Annual Meeting

Minutes from the Feb. 25, 2006 FJI Semi-Annual Meeting

FJI Promotion Chairperson is Professor Ed Maley.

FJI Promotion Co-Chairpersons are Jack Williams and Professor Lorenzo Mesa.

FJI Promotion Secretary is Bill Andreas.

FJI Referee Chairperson is Hector Estevez.

Upcoming Events:

February 23-25, 20182018 Sergeant Major's Judo Championships
March 3-4, 20182018 USA Judo Youth National Championships
March 10-11, 20182018 National Collegiate Judo Association National Championships
March 17, 20182018 Yoichiro Matsumura Championships
March 24, 20182018 New York Open Judo Team Tournament
April 13-14, 201831st Annual Liberty Bell Judo Classic
April 14, 2018Rattler Round Up XXIV
April 28, 20182018 Champion Judo Camp
May 12-13, 20182018 USA Judo Senior National Championships
May 26-27, 201846th Annual AM-CAN International Judo Challenge
June 15-17, 20182018 Sunshine State Games (Judo Part)
June 21-23, 20182018 Greatest Camp on Earth
June 22-24, 20182018 Junior Olympic National and International Championships
July 6-8, 20182018 USJA/USJF Summer Nationals
July 26-29, 20182018 US Open Jr., Sr., Veterans Judo Championships
September TBA, 20182018 Budokan Judo Tournament
December 7-8, 201813th Annual Judo Winter Nationals

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Last Updated: February 12, 2018